The concept of the “voyage” is highlighted here. Every day, the members of the office staff come here to relax and enjoy a good meal. These are journeys in themselves; we are well aware that cuisine is a factor involved in geographical movements. It is even the first contact with a country which is not your homeland. Through cuisine, we travel with our tastebuds and our minds, which send us images of more or less distant landscapes. Food automatically transports us through our senses. Generally speaking, pleasure accompanies this moment of shared solitude. Often, when several people are seated around a table, we speak of the sensations engendered by food, spices, perfumes, etc. In these projects, I considered several aspects of the mental and physical states which the situation inspires to varying degrees. In a metaphorical cross-fire, appropriate images and situations of a canteen are proposed through colours, forms, objects and of course human beings. You will discover that each one of them has been devised in a dimension that is both amusing and joyful, for the well-being of each of the diners who takes the time to eat in the canteen. These lunch-break moments are very important, as they will have an influence on each member of personnel, in terms of the subsequent working hours every afternoon.