Vortex Cortex (Temporary isolation) – Part 2 – Palais de la province – Maastricht









“Vortex – Cortex” is an exhibition in two parts, like the hemispheres of the brain or the Earth, the ventricles and auricles of the heart; Temporary Isolation Part 1 is installed in the Sart Tilman Open-Air Museum; Temporary Isolation Part 2 is installed in the Gouvernement aan de Maas, the provincial government building in Dutch Limbourg, in Maastricht. 

For Maastricht, the relationship with the environment was highlighted from the outset, starting with the office area. Secondly, the relationships between the office colleagues, through their geographical context were considered in the form of questions, phrases, words, etc. Device: two corridors opposite each other six metres long by one-and-a-half metres wide and two-and-a-half metres high. The glazing in each corridor are covered in green transparent film and on the ground, two imitation grass mats are placed with two armchairs on them, facing the windows. In the left-hand corridor,

there is an audio headset with a sound track composed by Nicolas Dechêne.

Jean Housen