Voir ce qui aveugle

















See what blinds

Every day we are invaded by all kinds of images, most of which proclaim the benefits of consumption: well-being, the comfort of being right-minded and the “perfect” way of life which it brings us. The bling-bling and the buzz increasingly embody the essence of our world and their credibility is growing unceasingly. In this mass of images and information, it is often difficult to distinguish between what is really good for each one of us in the face of our societies, our ways of life and their environments. Some of these images are deliberately presented to the public so that they take part in a global economy guided by a handful of companies which operate around the world. In this exhibition, I am attempting to speak with the public in order to share my current or even immediate reflections. Questioning the images and the words in a precise context is part of my artistic work. Indeed, nowadays it no longer seems to be possible, for me, to present images (paintings) without also sharing the underlying reflections which have brought me here — be they visual, historic, societal or political. In this exhibition, the title automatically turns into a question, even if there is no question mark and it is apparently presented as an injunction. Seeing what blinds belongs to the realms of a utopia or even impossibility, but it nevertheless seemed interesting to me to continually ask ourselves the question. The paintings enter into dialogue with one another through a choice of how they should be arranged in each

room where they are displayed. They are also ordered in a chronological interpretation per room, whilst at the

same time proposing peripheral visions which can interfere with it through the impact of certain colours, or even certain emphasised words or by the installation of light boxes. Here again, I play with the conventions of advertising, hijacking them to evoke various.