Station to station












“Station to Station in an exhibition, an interior voyage, remaining stationary, with the ear stuck to the loud-speaker as it emits stories of travellers, of sedentary people, of holiday-makers… All voyages are ruptures to some extent or another, whether it be the absence of one’s partner for a few days for professional reasons, or the return home after a holiday, or even the angst of travelling in an unknown territory through different customs, practices or languages…

Even when accompanied we always travel alone, these unceasing return journeys, into the past, present or future occupy the body and the mind, physical movement involves an inherent personal and mental movement.

This proposal is placed in the context of the old waiting room of the small Dudelange railway station, and thus it takes on its self-evident sense.

The (3) central walls are covered with adhesive mirrors from floor to ceiling and produce sound at their edges (4 speakers of about the size of an ear per wall at a heights of 1.2 m and 1.5 m).

They emit stories of travel taken from writings on postcards and from various authors (they are read individually by five different people and are interspersed with sounds of the sea and the countryside…)

Using traffic lights as a basis for metaphor, the green and red colours are used as a starting point, like stations on the room’s nearby walls, each having a phrase painted on it; the combination of these two colours provokes resonance in these phrases.

On the first floor one of the rooms is in complete darkness, small stones (1.5 tons) like those that can be found along railway lines cover the floor and a soundtrack (sound environment of railway lines, trains, stations) accompanies the spectator who is alone in this space. In the other room there is a video projection on the wall (a man waiting at a station amidst the comings and goings of travellers), on the floors there are the original postcards of some of the stories that can be heard on the ground floor and construction site barrier tape separates the spectator’s space from the projection space with its postcards on the floor.


400 metres of audio cable, 12 25W loudspeakers + 3 CD players, 80 metres of adhesive mirror, 50kg of green paint, 50kg of red paint, 1.5 tons of gravel, a hifi system + 4 50W loud speakers, a video projector-DVD player and 50 postcards.