Sotto alle stelle – Part II







Sotto alle stelle (part II)   MAAC  Bruxelles

Under the stars (Sotto all stelle) is interpreted both symbolically and figuratively, with contemporary daily city life and that which surrounds it as a starting point; in order to do this different lighting set-ups in the form of metaphors for day and night will underscore the desire to put the spectator in the situation of being a possible active part of the work. An inversion of the nature of things will be instigated at the entrance to the exhibition by fixing a fake garden to the ceiling in order to provoke thought on the density of our living spaces in cities.

All of the elements that make up this exhibition are treated in a metaphorical manner: thus in the rear hall building construction site barrier tapes are painted on the floor, being metaphors for ourselves, individuals and our eternally incomplete living spaces.


1st room:

Green transparent adhesive on the window of the entrance door. Artificial grass fixed to the ceiling with 200 computer controlled LEDs (constellation as seen from Benelux) that will light up in synchronisation with the cries of children at specific instants.

2nd room:

Three pit-props from floor to ceiling.

3rd room:

Five strobe-lights + building site barriers + two two-sided mirrors (cut out in the form of a [guillotine] blade) + soundtrack with electric and electronic music extracts (that function in sync with the strobe-lights). Construction site barrier tape painted on the floor.