Sotto alle stelle – Part I






-”Sotto alle Stelle” (under the stars) is a proposition that should be taken in its immediate and figurative sense. It is a metaphor for life (day/night) being constantly under construction, with its moments of calm, even fulfillment, and its moments of high-speed, even stress.


Transparent red construction site barrier tape is stuck to the window along with the title of the exhibition the same tape is painted on the floor. On the ceiling, the January-February constellation (as seen from Benelux) is reproduced in phosphorescent adhesive. 2 mirrors are hung from a bar in the centre of the room (on the front side, there is text in adhesive mirror: Qui è più blu e li è più verde, fra idue si sposta una spazio troppo pieno o troppo vuoto / on the rear side the text:: Si muore sempre incompiuti), there is a motor on top of this that creates a rotational movement. On the lateral walls there are 4 stroboscopes, and a further one on the far wall (opposite the entrance). In the 4 corners of the room there are 4 loudspeakers; all linked to a computer that centralises and controls all of these elements. Situation: When you enter the gallery the 2 neons light up (fixed duration of 2 minutes), the mirror starts to rotate 3 seconds before the neon lights are turned of, when the 2 neons switch off the 5 stroboscopes are activated, the music starts (full cycle: 33 extracts of music with electric guitars). The mirrors turn, reflecting the flashes of the stroboscopes, provoking a sense of vertigo and a loss of the notion of space, all of this is accompanied by the music which lasts between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, at the end of this duration everything stops and there is total darkness for 30 seconds during which one can observe the constellation of the ceiling, then the neons are switched back on for 2 minutes and the cycle begins again.


5 stroboscopes, 1 motor with axle, 2 mirrors with adhesive mirror, 2 TL, 1 computer, 33 extracts from different CDs.