CCNOA center for contemporary non-objective art. Bruxelles

Materials: 5 litres of phosphorescent paint, 16 neon tubes, 1 object bench with 3 neon tubes + 3 loudspeakers, 2 CD players, 1 amplifier and 1 mini-computer.

This work has been conceived and created in-situ. To begin with there is the white cube, lit by 13 neon tubes on the floor that mark out the space (10cm from the walls), and in the centre a white lacquered bench with 3 neon tubes inside it + 2 loudspeakers (sound track: a heart beat at 70 bpm when first switched on and then at 100 bpm when switched off). The space remains lit for 1min 30 secs. (to prime the paint), then the lights are switched off for 3 minutes and the previous space disappears and is replaced by a fireworks display-like explosion of phosphorescent paint on the walls.

You pass from a physical confrontation with both the space and the people present to the intimacy of a frontier less space accompanied by the rhythms of a heartbeat. Every four and a half minutes the ambiance becomes oppressive and disturbing.