Sentiers rouges: « A green world »







The conservation of nature and being in tune with one’s time, this is the idea behind the Toussaintmillen site with its two lakes and specific vegetation, situated opposite the A13 motorway.

This challenge was elaborated by two Ministries: that of Bridges and Roadways and that of the Environment.

The confrontation between this site and the motorway is thoroughly surprising and stimulating for an artist who is interested in diverse perspectives.

“A green world” is a reflection on land art and its place, subjectivity and environment, from this a bench in a prairie imposes itself, revisiting the nature of elements and movements, the notion of time and its point of view.

The origin of this project is to play on the double meaning of the word “work” (oeuvre in French), as in the artwork itself and the landscape works that surround it, in an attempt to become aware of that landscape.

The challenge of this work is to propose another view along with a physical experience in a paradoxical symbiosis, through a work whose proportions are not ideal. Where the definition of places, space and of the work itself are ambiguous, even disturbed, like a metaphor for the water of the lakes that are part of the site.

This piece has no pretension towards classical sculpture. It is a proposition of active participation for the spectator within the work.

Here, once more, the shift is obligatory, not free but a playful reflex.