Lucile Bertrand / Nicolas Biéva / Alexandre Christiaens

Les Ets. Decoux / Bernard Hubot, / Alice Janne / Djos Janssens

Olivier Pé / Jonathan Sullam / Dominique Thirion

Gallery Exit 11 started last year with a cycle of exhibitions proposing that one of its artists invite others to participate. Benoît Félix takes his turn with gusto inviting ten artists. Suggesting no theme, is this on purpose? Inviting propositions from artists whose plastic methodologies interest him. For him this this is an ideal opportunity for interesting encounters. Plastic methods that are similar to his own whilst remaining quite different. This is an ideal subject for reflection.

Eleven artists in this space, taking risks to find multiple connections between the works on display, the reading of an artwork in reference to another? A collective exhibition is always a challenge, a game of construction where each participant takes their place and their movement within the space seek, confront or find a certain complicity. Try a new experience: the group experience.

We rarely find answers on our own? His questions and misunderstandings are also a source of creativity for Benoît Félix. Benoît Félix will thus cross ten new trajectories and open up the playing field for him.

Caroline Coste

© photos Serge Gutwirth