Near you








Almost ten years after transforming four waiting rooms in the Universitair Ziekenhuis, Gent, Djos Janssens returns to the hospital environment with a proposition in the Winter Garden of the Liege CHU (University Hospital) as part of the “Artiste à l’Hôpital” (Artists in the Hospital) cycle.

Under the title “Near You”, this show creates a sense of escapism aiming to provoke a sense of profound peace in the patient, visitor or medical staff.

All of the elements of this installation (photographs, pergola, monitors, benches, etc.) are placed there to attract the attention of passers-by, most of whom are there waiting for information, a transfer to another service or just trying to relax.

So this is about offering the chance to “pause” in the midst of this large place of transit, to propose a new symbolic construction of the idea of hospital space.