Nature abhors a vacuum






The nylon counter

(Cultural administration of the City of Bruxelles)

This installation is an interrogation, by the use of mirrors,of the space in which we live; that which we appropriate around us, and is also associated with moments of interior solitude within a city.

It is also an interrogation of confrontation and the encounter with the spaces of others. How does this space manage itself, how does it fit with the spaces of others?

Is it empty? If yes, does it really need filling with something?

Materials: 100 metres of self-adhesive mirror, sound, the noise of a pneumatic hammer, electric drill, arc-welding machine, factory noises (coming from the cellar window), 2 neon tubes, etc.

Interior texts “Slowly and violently memories come and go in my shocked head” (in white) & “Nature abhors a vacuum” (in fluorescent green).

Exterior texts: “Apparitions” & “innerlijk/uiterlijk worsteling” (left-hand display cabinet), “Damkring” & “L’envers vaut l’endroit”.

Texts in the adjoining room in the self-adhesive mirrors through which one observes the installation.