Light my fire









“Light my fire” Centre culturel Jacques Franck

The questions raised by this very particular project have their origins in reflection on movements in the world of culture, performance, plastic art and art in general, and above all on its representation.  These questions are in no way foreign to the everyday life of the Jacques Franck Cultural Centre in which every artistic domain can find its place whether it be plastic art, contemporary dance, cinema, performance art or music.

If one were to interview the people in the street – given the ever increasing gap between the different social classes – we can note that many people dream of a brighter future; and this is often interpreted on the basis of the lives of celebrities. This becomes evident by simply observing the ever increasing success of “people” magazines, or the ratings of “Star Academy”, “Popstar” and other “Talent Contest”-type emissions on the musical and commercial TV channels.

Social life and spectacle are inherent elements in the lives of human beings, and if the dividing line between dream and reality is often very thin, we all descend, at some time or other in our lives, into performance, or even drama.

“Light My Fire” finds itself situated between ordinary everyday life and the legitimate ambition to set off towards bluer skies.


1 soundtrack (applause) triggered by a light sensitive cell.

10 green spotlights.

5 doors with computer controlled opening systems that open and close on 5 different coloured monochromes.

5 computer controlled fans.

1 computer controlled crystal chandelier (switches on and off and revolves).

1 podium with two set of headphones + interview of people on the street on the subject of the Star System.

Construction site barrier tape + 11 paintings of the same tape + painted texts.

1 red carpet that revolves on itself.

11 frames with pages of short extracts of celebrity lives (portrait photos removed).

5 dust covers with the names of celebrities embroidered on the back.

1 white sofa facing a white wall.