La confusion dans la clarté





The offices of the port of Bruxelles (alternative-underground space run by 2 artistes: Toni Geirlandt and Carlos Montalvo alias Dialogist Kantor)

This exhibition sets out to be both intimate and general. The concept being to place the spectator in an (almost closed) space with the windows on the corridor and garden sides covered with sand finish adhesive, two or three windows are blocked off with foam (too big such that it bellies out) that invade the space like metaphors for exterior noise (soundtrack: street noises, the sound of markets and firing ranges).

The remaining window is covered for 95%of its surface with gloss white adhesive, only a small square is left uncovered to leave some contact with the outside.

Three books have been written, the first is a story of love between a man and a woman of lower class status (language), the second is a story of love between two members of the upper class and the third is a combination of the two (one written in one direction and the other in the reverse direction). Six paintings make up a sofa in phosphorescent paint and are hung in the place where a sofa would be, opposite this a painting is hung at the usual height showing a white painted stool on a white background.

In the middle of the space (on both walls), on one is the phrase:  «Qu’attends-tu d’un jour de plus» (“what do you expect from another day”) and on the other the phrase: «voir ce qui aveugle» (“see what blinds”), joined by a taught rope (phosphorescent) between the two walls.