Full colour





Maison de la Culture de Tournai – Lille 2004


Concept: the action of gazing, aiming, being the target, making references to the tuning of television sets, is what this that I aim to work with (self-adhesive colour film) in all of their forms by using colour to play with the architecture and perception of the building.

Texts: (glued to the wall in sand)

«Elle était le point de mire de toutes les demandes, de toutes les sollicitations.» – “She was the target of all demands, all solicitations.”

«Parallèlement, incroyable était sa souplesse et ce en toutes circonstances, sans pour autant être de la soumission.» “At the same time, her flexibility in all situations was incredible, yet without being submissive.”

«Sa volonté de dialoguer tous azimuts stupéfiait le passant.» “Her desire to exchange on all horizons stupefied bypassers.”

«Elle avait l’air absente, mais rien ne lui échappait.» “She appeared vacant, yet nothing escaped her.”