Fluide 2015 Thuin






I was chosen by Dorothée  Duvivier, curator of the event “Fluide”, as part of the “Mons 2015 Capital of Culture”. We conducted several visits of the town, in order to create a work and jointly decide

on a site in the landscape where it could be integrated. After some reflection, we opted for the North Rampart in the High Town of Thuin. I discovered this town during our visits and it looked to me

just like René Goscinny’s village, with its Gallic resistance fighters Asterix and Obelix, i.e. a little fortified town striving to free itself from the invasive effects of the modern world; it should be said

that the High Town, with its belfry, church, narrow streets and stones, dates back to the Middle Ages. The influence of the environment was as usual decisive in the development of the work.

This is how the phrase, which became its title, emerged in the landscape in the form of a huge luminous sign, twenty metres long by one metre high. “L’ombre n’a pas encore étendu son emprise

sur nos espérances” (Shadow has not yet taken hold of our hopes) emerged, and it seemed to me to be imperative that the phrase should be illuminated by an orange colour, as a reference to a setting

sun. To support me in its practical realisation, I began searching for an craftsman who could build such an unusually long sign for me, based on a Ai file with the phrase prepared by me (adapted

typography and scale). The work was installed in June 2015.