Librairie (Book-shop): “L’écrit vain”

The creation of a reading room in the back room of a book-shop, complete layout: shelves (metal) for the books + specially made triangular table on casters (metal) + stools, each one different (metaphor for the eclecticism of the exhibition) + lighting.

Invitation of 47 artists of all kinds to work on the theme of publishing in all of its forms: books, book-objects, CD, posters, etc. In this room the public may consult all of the works.

Creation of window display + presentation of the artists’ works as well as an enormous cardboard box (90 x 80 x 120 cm) in the book-shop as a metaphor for travel.

With this taking place in a book-shop, this is a different kind of contact with the public – even, at least in part, a new public altogether.


Olivier Barréa / Corinne Bertrand / Lucia Bru / Cathy Coez / Laura Couderc / David Deboudt

/ Jean de la Fontaine / Véronique Depiesse / Geoffroy De Volder / Juan d’Oultremont /

Lise Duclaux / Benoît Eugène / Bernard Gigounon / Guy Giraud / Sylvie Girault / Luc Grossen /

Toni Geirlandt / Harry Heirmans / Bruno Jacqmain / Manfred Jade / Philippe Janssens /

Steve Kaspar / Lieve Lambrecht / Emilio Lopez Menchero / Carlos Montalvo / Annick Nölle /

Nanouche Outelet / Claude Panier / Gauthier Pierson / Gwendoline Robin / Guy Rombouts /

Marc Rossignol / Chris Straetling / Ludwig Szente / Tilman / Dominique Thirion / Yoris

Van Den Houte / Angel Vergara / José Vergara / Patrice Verhofstadt / Eva Visnyei / Jorgen

Voordeckers / Wally / Andrew Webb / Vera Weisgerber / Julien Willem / Laetitia Yalon