Depressive glamour mise en doute 7






The “Mise en Doute” (placing into doubt) series aims to bring together artists with diverging approaches together in groups of two, to encourage dialogue or confrontation using different styles.

It initiates surprising or unlikely encounters: mixing trends, generations and emerging or established artists, and proposing a daring and intelligent program.

Depressive Glamour is the progressive dislocation of the post-modern party; it is the barely perceptible instant where the shallow suddenly becomes deep and one wonders what one is doing there.

Depressive Glamour speaks of the fall of the hedonistic ideal and exposes the anxiety that is slowly forming behind the sequins.

For this project Djos Janssens and Eric Angenot have combined their work, creating a dialogue between their respective universes.

Djos Janssens occupies the space with images, sounds and light. His intervention radically alters the space to plunge the visitors into a strange and tense ambience using the triangulation of notoriety, anonymity and voyeurism, situated in a gentrified quarter of Bruxelles.


Ground floor:

65 meters of fluorescent orange tape, a white fluorescent tube, two 50W spot-lights for two mirror balls (25cm and 50cm in diameter), a soundtrack (different sources) that runs in a loop, all elements (fluorescent tube, spot-lights, mirror-balls and hi-fi) controlled by a mini-computer, a club armchair.

First floor:

285 A4 photocopies (recomposed celebrity photos) hung like wall-paper, self-adhesive mirror (125 x 150 cm), desk + closed circuit monitor and camera. Eric Angenot combines sculpture and painting. The objects evoke weapons and mutated organisms, appearing both aggresive and fragile.