For the “Chimera” exhibition, I thought long and hard over its title, as the chimera is a strange, imaginary creature, and I immediately thought “stranger” and the issue of the housing crisis, the fact that there are people living on the streets all around the world… Given the current evolution in climatic and political conditions, massive migrations are still going to take place over the coming years. The mountain, as a metaphor, appeared to me in the course my reflection like a tent or a shelter, somewhere one could go inside… rather than as an obstacle, but the image also came of the expression “to move mountains”, in other words to offer a very difficult solution, almost impossible to implement. Thus my project was given the title “Foreign”. I intervened in the Czech Republic, between East and West, in Europe, and I observed this European reality, with notably the lending rates charged to countries in difficulty such as Greece, Portugal or Spain, which climb to over 7%, whilst interest rates for rich countries like Germany and the Netherlands are around, 0.6% if that. In light of this comparison, Europe, the single currency and finance, the situation is utterly laughable! There are solutions, we could sort out these disparities, but clearly some people find it highly complicated, like having to move a mountain! The strangely persistant and largely imaginary crisis, as demonstrated by numerous economists, is a chimera, a monster which is carrying with it these foreigners, these migrants!