Au-delà des apparences



As the saying goes, appearances are not necessarily deceiving. Melting glaciers, drought, heavy rains…, are all reflections of climate change. Economic deforestation and other human actions impact our earth.  But all this is only the visible face. The injunction, addressed to all, to save the future of our planet, is to carry our investigations beyond the perceptible. And to act. In his two circumstantial interventions on the windows of the theatre, as well as throughout his visual work, which closely combines conceptual thinking and aesthetic sensitivity, Djos Janssens acts as a warning agent. Images, sentences and words, connected to the realities of the world, act as triggers for an awareness of the urgency and necessity of life-saving interventions. We have caused the planet, it is up to us to repair it, to preserve it, for a life in harmony!

Claude Lorent (AICA)


Attentive to deconstructing the codes of our consumer society and its stereotypes, this artist works on the text and the context of his site-specific installations. Djos Janssens is one of the most productive and ingenious Belgian artists of his generation. Like all the works that are constructed in the interstices and asperities of their time, thwarting fashion in order to establish a meaning that is irreducible to morality, something about his installations always escapes interpretation… Multidisciplinary visual artist Djos Janssens (°1964 ) lives and works in Liège. His works, always in search of meaning, have been exhibited since 1997 in galleries, art centres, museums and in the public space.

Daniel Vander Gucht (Doctor in sociology of art and editor)