Tone Deaf Bunker studio

“Dawn to Dawn”

This is an installation that is made up of nine paintings using clear varnish (the text is only readable when the room is lit using Fluorescent Tube-lights) + phosphorescent paint for images and painted forms (visible only for three minutes after the Fluorescent Tube-lights are switched off and the onlooker is in total darkness).

This in-situ exhibition (entrance corridor of a sound studio transformed into a gallery space) deals with the lighting of certain musicians and others who work in obscurity (darkness).

The texts that are on the paintings refer to song, sometimes they are even short extracts of songs (lyrics).

The images are musicians’ poses, either as visual metaphors of texts or even songs.


9 paintings, 60cm x 90cm (varnish and phosphorescent paint).

1 automated control unit.

5 Fluorescent Tube-lights linked to the control unit (lit: for 3 minutes / darkness for 3 minutes).