C comme konfort

In early 2013 we entered into a state of crisis, leading to the question:

What is comfort to us now?

Now that everything is turned upside-down and functions in terms of a single common denominator: money… What are our true pre-occupations in these times?

Politicians regularly speak of re-launching the economy, when we have already studied the question in full!
What are they talking about?

Company outsourcing is as successful as ever, new fortunes are being created, but on what foundations are they built?
Individual spending power is increasingly restricted but what are our real comfort objectives at the start of this New Year?
If in the fifties it was about access to home-owning, household appliances, automation… What is it now?

For this new show I have invited Aurélie Haberey who works with photographs to create a unity of works, installations and spaces that refer to the theme of comfort.

The comfort, or discomfort, was to put this show together as a collaboration between the two of us, without consecrating any space only to the work of one or the other as an individual, and to insure this consideration does not remain restricted to just the “plastic” or material aspect of things.

Aurélie is a French artist who lives in Paris and has shown her work in Belgium (Bruxelles, Liege) a number of times already.
Her work begins with photography and then, depending on the context, she develops this into spatial or installation work.


©Aurélie Haberay