EN – The work of Djos Janssens has evolved largely towards three dimensional pieces, audiovisual environments and in-situ interventions, ephemeral structures in urban spaces that incorporate the architecture and the context of their location. By action and thought he reflects the contemporary nature of his intentions.

I have often highlighted the aesthetic and conceptual qualities of his work, especially two common threads: the treatment of colour and thus light itself, and the intervention of multi-layered phrases.

Interrogations spring forth from the relation between two these sources of information, one plastic and the other semantic, like vital punctuation and a simultaneous collapsing and juxtaposition of senses, bringing complexity that is not immediately apparent on first approach to the work.

Through superficially simple interventions, the artist breaks down even the most solid stereotypes and disturbs the common grounds of both perception and understanding.

Through these pathways plastic thought is analysed, reflected and applied with a sharp critical sense.

Claude Lorent Art critic (aica), Exhibition curator, Cultural attaché of the BOZAR – Bruxelles



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